QuoVadis Live!

Geolocation-Based Social Media. QuoVadis Live! is a geolocation-based open social media that allows users to share events and news on a map and on social networks. …/social_media

A Big Map. Events and news you map on QuoVadis Live!are immediately broadcasted across social media and appear on your map. Events and news mapped by users you follow and events users you follow plan to attend automatically become part of your map. Increase your situational awareness!
Mobile Friendly. Use QuoVadis Live! on the go to check nearby events, points of interest, offers. You can also checkin at an event or a place and – if you have an account on Foursquare – have it automatically sent to Foursquare. …/quovadis-live-gets-event-check-ins-and-connects-to-foursquare/

Free. Registration, events and news mapping on QuoVadis Live!is free. Don’t have an account yet? Signup today! …/signup
Business Accounts. Raise your brand awareness with QuoVadisLive! Get your business updates automatically delivered at pre-scheduled dates/times across your social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Have your offers showing on those events pages where the context fits and periodically broadcasted on social media. Of course you get a business page with full contact details, your company logo, interactive business location map, social media share buttons, feedback panel. Our plans to get found, get followed, get engaged start at €10 a month.…/business